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How to Use Face Serum - Questions and Answers

by Tatiana SAMOY December 28, 2022 5 min read

Do you want to know how to use face serum? Serum is a skincare booster that helps make skin look better and more radiant. Serums are easy to apply and can be done in a matter of minutes. In this article, we will answer your questions about applying drops of serum on your face for best results.

If you are wondering how to use a face serum, you are not alone. How do you use serum drops? Where do you put serum on a skincare routine? Does face serum go on before or after moisturizer? Should I rub pat or serum? If you are not sure how to use a face serum, then read on. You can get the most out of it by following these tips.


When should I use a face serum?

The best time to apply a face serum is in the morning, after cleansing but before applying makeup. Serums also work well at night, applied after you cleanse your skin and before bedtime. Serums are typically safe for use twice daily.

However, remember to read the directions on your serum’s label for any additional information about the serum’s usage.

Some serums work better at night, while other work better during the day. We recommend reading all directions before you incorporate a serum in your skincare routine.


How much face serum should I use?

Serums are potent and have a lot of active ingredients. So you can use a little to cover your face with. You want to do it in a thin, light layer so that the product can get into your skin quickly.

When you use face serum, use 2 pumps or a pea-sized amount. It is best to have the serum come in a dropper so that you can control how much you use. 3-4 drops cover your whole face.


How to correctly apply face serum?

Serums are not like face creams or moisturizers. Serums are thinner and you need to rub them on your skin. They should be put on in small, tapping motions with your fingers or palms.

Do not touch your skin too much. The serum will go into your skin by itself. You can use 3-4 drops of serum from the dropper to apply it to your hands.

Put some in your palms, then rub it in - but without rubbing too hard. Spread the serum all over your face and neck, using gentle tapping motions.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the serum to fully penetrate your skin. Once absorbed, you can move onto the next step in your skincare routine.


Does face serum go on before or after moisturizer?

Serums should be the first products you put on your skin. Clean and exfoliate first, then apply serums. Never put them on after a moisturizer because it creates a protective barrier over your skin, so the serum cannot absorb as well.


In which order shall I apply the serum in my routine?

How you use face serum makes a big difference. It would be best if you used all of your products in a certain order so that each one does its work. Here is how to apply the serum in the correct order in your daily skincare routine: 1. Cleanser; 2. Exfoliator (optional); 3. Toner; 4. Serum; 5. Eye-contour cream; 6. Moisturizer (day cream and night cream); 7. SPF Cream (in the morning).

Applying a moisturizer after a serum is a good strategy: it helps to lock in hydration and, therefore, increases the benefits of the serum's active ingredients.


Can I touch the glass dropper?

We recommend that you do not put the dropper directly in contact with your skin. By doing so, bacteria from our face can contaminate the rest of the product once the glass dropper is placed back in its bottle.


Should I rub pat or serum?

Patting is gentler than rubbing because you minimize the chances of dragging on the skin. Serums with potent ingredients will sink into your skin, no matter how you apply them.


How many drops of serum should I use?

The standard amount of serum you apply is 2 pumps. This is usually enough for your whole face and neck. If you have a dropper, use 3-4 drops of serum. Remember that serums are potent with high concentrations of ingredients so too much might not be suitable for your skin.


How should I work a serum into my skincare routine?

Put the serum on your face after you clean it. If you put it on before, or if you put anything else on your face, the serum might not work as well. If you have sensitive skin, wait until your skin is dry before putting a serum on.


Do I need to wait between applying products?

Yes, you need to wait before using other products on your skin. You can't mix it with other things that might make the serum not work as well.


Is it necessary to apply moisturizer after serum?

Serums go before moisturizer because they are lighter than oils, balms, and lotions. They also soak into your skin better and more deeply.


So, what can a serum do that a moisturizer can’t?

A serum is lighter than lotion or cream. It can contain active ingredients that moisturizer does not have. So while a moisturizer can give your skin the hydration it needs, a serum is better for providing treatment benefits.


Which ingredients should I look for?

Serums are good for adding amino acids and peptides (to help stimulate collagen) and antioxidants like vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, and retinoids. They also have vitamin B which helps strengthen the skin barrier.



Serums are an essential part of a skincare routine because they contain concentrated ingredients that moisturizers don’t. Unlike lotions or creams, Serum is lighter and soaks into your skin better than other products on the market. Serums also have active ingredients like amino acids, peptides (to help stimulate collagen), antioxidants (such as vitamin C) and more to give you treatment benefits while repairing damage caused by free radicals in your environment. Serums should be applied before any other product, including toners or moisturizer; always apply serums first, then wait for it to sink in before applying anything else.

We hope this guide has helped answer some questions about how best to use face serum! It is time to find the best serum for your skin type and start your journey to a healthier skin.

Tatiana SAMOY
Tatiana SAMOY

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