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'How Long Should I Wait Between Each Application of Skincare Products?'

by Tatiana SAMOY December 31, 2022 2 min read

When you're using serum, do you wait between each application to get the full benefits of the product? Or when applying moisturizer, do you apply it without waiting in order to save time and effort? Do you layer cosmetics on top of each other without really realising it. But should we wait between each application of skincare products in order to get the maximum benefit from each one? And if so, how long should you wait? Here are some answers.

Day cream, eye contour care, BB cream... The layers quickly accumulate on your face. In the evening, it's the same. Night cream, eye contour care (again!) and a touch of cream for the acne pimple that has appeared...


So you've probably already asked yourself this question: should you wait between each application of skincare or can you apply several creams in one go to the same area? Generally speaking, we layer everything on top of each other in the hope that the products applied on top of each other will play their role fully.


Respecting the timing to optimise the effect of beauty treatments 

Everyone has their own beauty routine, but we all want to achieve the same result: that the effects of the treatments we apply to ourselves are maximised.


There is no universal answer, but it would seem that we should wait until the product is impregnated before applying another one. This would boost the effectiveness of the cosmetics by preventing them from mixing.


This is especially true with sunscreen. It should be applied to the face last if you don't want the protective screen to be diluted by the other products. Once it is dry, you can apply make-up (preferably light).  


How long to wait between beauty treatments?

Don't panic, you don't need to wait hours in front of the mirror for each product to soak in. Today's formulations are designed for layering. In other words, they know they have to make room for the next one.


Dermatologists say you should wait about a minute, but it really depends on your skin type, the quality and composition of the product.


It is important to apply beauty products in the right order. This is even more important than respecting the right timing.

Tatiana SAMOY
Tatiana SAMOY

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